Messiah Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Dubbed

In the Golan Heights, a badly injured Jibril is cared for by his friend and fellow follower of al-Masih, Samir (Fares Landoulsi). The refugees are faring badly however, and soon Samer questions why Jibril has so much faith, calling him “mad” for not seeking medical care elsewhere as his injuries could kill him. The CIA follows al-Masih and Rev. Iguero back to Dilley, Texas, where Americans from all over begin congregating to be close to al-Masih. Al-Masih stays in a small tent, attended only by Rev. Iguero. When Iguero asks him what to do next, al-Masih tells him that he needs to listen to God. Aviram Dahan travels to Texas to kill al-Masih, but cannot bring himself to pull the trigger when face to face with him; he is caught in the act on camera by Eva Geller, who races after him. Al-Masih walks past Dahan and hears a wounded dog crying out, following the sound. The dog’s owner prepares to shoot the dog, but his son begs al-Masih for a miracle. Instead, al-Masih takes the gun and shoots the dog himself, to the exasperation of the child. Geller, startled at the gun shot, finally catches up with Dahan, and is bewildered to see both Dahan and al-Masih still alive. She demands he tell her what happened, but he doesn’t.
  • Show Name: Messiah
  • Language: Urdu Dubbed
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 5

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