Messiah Season 1 Episode 8 Urdu Dubbed

The President of the United States (Dermot Mulroney) has a secret meeting with al-Masih; al-Masih demands the President withdraw all US troops from everywhere in the world, using the President’s Mormon faith in a bid to convince him. The next day, al-Masih reveals to the media that the meeting took place, to the anger of Rev. Iguero, who is not informed beforehand. Later, Rev. Iguero’s daughter reveals to him that her mother, Anna, took her to Austin, Texas for an abortion. His daughter also says that al-Masih came to Texas for her, not Rev. Iguero. Later, al-Masih tries to convince Anna Iguero to let “her [daughter] go” to be “her own person”. In Jerusalem, a guard admits to having freed al-Masih from prison, ending the investigation into Aviram Dahan.
  • Show Name: Messiah
  • Language: Urdu Dubbed
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 8

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