Messiah Season 1 Episode 9 Urdu Dubbed

In Ramallah, Jibril, who is illiterate, is being taught to recite a speech by rote, promoting the Palestinian cause. Meanwhile, Rev. Iguero asks televangelist Edmund DeGuilles (Beau Bridges) to have al-Masih on his program, without first asking al-Masih. Al-Masih agrees, but only if Rev. Iguero will bring along his daughter. Eva Geller is shocked to learn that her own father (Philip Baker Hall) believes al-Masih to be the end times Messiah, and her father compares her to her own mother, who miscarried many times but never gave up trying to conceive. In anger, Geller reveals that she miscarried the last egg fertilized via in-vitro fertilization from her deceased husband, and that there is no further hope; leaving the house, she goes to the hotel and then has sex with Aviram Dahan, who had in previous episodes made his desire for her obvious. It is revealed that the compound in the Badia is a terrorist training camp, and that Samer is to play the part of a suicide bomber. While Jibril gives his speech, Samer enters the mosque, shows the explosives tied to his chest, and raises the button. Staring into the eyes of Jibril, he cannot bring himself to pull the trigger; however, the bomb vest is remotely activated by Samer’s mentor. Meanwhile, now back in the good graces of the Mossad, Dahan abducts al-Massih before he can appear on tv in a manner similar to the real life Mossad abduction of Mordechai Vanunu, and they make their way to the airport in a SUV.
  • Show Name: Messiah
  • Language: Urdu Dubbed
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 9

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