Uwais ibn Amir ibn Jaz’ ibn Malik al-Qarani (Arabic: أُوَيْس ٱبْن عَامِر ٱبْن جَزْء ٱبْن مَالِك ٱلْقَرَنِيّ‎, ʾUways ibn ʿĀmir ibn Jazʾ ibn Mālik al-Qaranīy), also spelled Uways or Owais, was a Muslim from Yemen who lived during the lifetime of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.[2] His burial place is in Raqqa, Syria. He is known as Khayr al-Tabi’een (Arabic: خَيْر ٱلتَّابِعِين‎, lit. ‘The Best of the Tabi’un’) and Sayyid al-Tabi’een Fi Zamanahu (Arabic: سَيِّد ٱلتَّابِعِين فِي زَمَانَه‎, lit. ‘Leader of the Tabi’un of his Era’). His memorial shrine is in al-Raqqah, Syria. It was destroyed by the ISIS in 2013.

The film depicts the life story of Uwais Al-Qarni, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad, who lived in Yemen, and the political and social situation that prevailed in Yemen before the emergence of Islam, as well as Yemen’s allegiance to Iran during that period.


  • Show Name: Hazrat Uwais Al Qarni (R.A)
  • Language: Urdu Dubbed