The Great Seljuk Empire, a Sunni Muslim empire based on the Turko -Iranian tradition established by the Kinik tribe of the Oghuz Turks in the Middle Ages . He controlled a wide area from the Hindu Kush Mountains to Western Anatolia and from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf . After gaining power in their homeland near the Aral Lake , the Seljuks, who first conquered Khorasan , moved from here towards inland Iran and then It took the cities in Anatolia under control. Great Seljuk Empire was established by Tuğrul Bey (1016-63) in 1037. Selçuk Bey , whose grandfather raised Tuğrul and held high office in the state of Oğuz Yabgu , gave his name to both the dynasty that ruled the country and the empire. Shortly after the state was established, it consolidated the fragmented political map of the Islamic world lacking central authority and later played a key role in the first and second Crusades . Language and culture with an intensive İranlılaş the Seljuks, of providing a great improvement and brought Iranian culture to Anatolia. Process began in these regions with the settlement of Turkish tribes in the northwest of the country by the state administrators for political purposes such as increasing the state authority in the seized areas .

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